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The Mutli-Vendor Market place will be for people wanting to sell handmade and commercial products. There will be resources to help get started and start selling your products. With the subscription you have access to support and networking with other sellers selling similar products to what you sell. There will be different tiers of subscriptions to match anyone's budget. Crowefire does the bulk of the leg work for advertising and driving customers to the market place. Sellers will not need social media, a website, or branding to get started selling on the multi-vendor market place. The goal is to help people start businesses. Make business start ups as easy, as accessible and as affordable as possible. The goal is to create  a supportive community around people starting businesses so they are more likely to succeed with their business adventures. My hope with this multi-vendor platform to see everyone cheering each other on, that one person's success is a success for the community as a whole. On this multi-vendor site will there will be a section for facilitating product and company collaborations where you can post your idea of what you wish to collaborate on and people can comment, reach out as well as join the discussion around the collaboration. Eventually the plan is to have physical department stores in addition to the online market place. That is the plan for the multi vendor market place enterprise. Thank you for your interest. 

Below is a list of my products.


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