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Humanitarian & Environmental Projects

Other Creations of Crowefire in the Works 

Image by Duy Pham

Community Centres

Cross- Cultured and Co-Creative Progaming

Bridging over barriers in the community by being a welcoming, open and accepting place for everyone. Programs include language studies, recreation activities for all ages and abilities, recycling stations, nature retreat blending with the centre's grounds, sharing cultural traditions, tool lending and trade/skill learning

Project Updates!

Learning Centres

Sacred Economics and Sustainability Focused

These are all kinds of training centers  from online learning modules, websites, language schools, elementary schools, middle, schools, high schools, colleges, universities, training centers, trades building educating places. These learning centers have a different approach to the standard education system. They focus on the the student's  well- being, inclusion teaching for all learning styles, long term sustainability, as well as peace and prosperity woven into the subject matter for longevity of students, teachers and the planet.

Project Updates!

Image by Christina @
Image by Christina @

Crowefire Consulting

A Network of Consultants, Coaches & Healers 

This network would be for coaches, consultants and healers to find clients, connect with one another, and support each other. Consultants/coaches/healers would have a landing page where they would organize the layout and keep it up to date. They would set their own rates along with their own programs and services they offer.  Through the site consultants could share resources with each other and connect with others in the same field as them.

Project Updates!

Author's Aide

Helping Authors Write, Edit and Publish 

This is community about supporting aspiring writers through their writing journey. The idea is to be a community lead self publishing assisting organization. This is to be an alternative to big publishing firms that are very difficult to get published through. This project is about believing in every person's potential to become a best selling author and how to help that person unlock that potential. This project would offer classes, courses, programs, one-on-one mentor ship, ghost writing, co-writing, editing, different tiers of publishing, marketing help, counselling, various clubs that people can join and many other programs to help authors, illustrators and editors along their journeys.

Project Updates!

Image by Mikołaj
Image by Ryan Concepcion

Food Sharing Network

Limit Food Waste/ Boost Local Food/Eat Well  

Eating together, growing together, sharing, caring, community cooking and loving the food we eat. This company is about  more goodness in the food we eat and the way we access food. This is about supporting local farmers, increasing biodiversity, improving food supply, reducing food waste, sharing growing methods, teaching sustainability in  food we eat, sharing food in more open accessible ways, making eating together more of a valued practiced, teaching different ways of cooking, making lovingly prepared meals more regular in people's diets, helping to educated the importance of food where it comes from and how we eat it in our day to day, sharing seeds and food related knowledge in a positive way. 

Project Updates!

Learning Library

Skills, Transformation and Healing Focused

This library would be a digital library with recourses, classes and connections to help you transform your life's circumstances, help you with self guide healing of what you went through and learn new skills you can apply to building a new and prosperous life for yourself and your loved ones.

Project Updates!

Image by Anna Hunko
Image by Chen Mizrach

Wellness and Breakfast

Wellness, Retreats, Combined With B&Bs

This company is a chain of bed and breakfast, wellness centers, retreats that have  an aspect of eating breakfast together, eating other meals together, of playing music together, playing games together, healing together, being well, happy and healthy together. This project is  inspired my the Rowe  family cottage where there was an open door great food, great company, love, laughter, joy, family, fun times. We all came to cottage never knew how many friends,  family or neighbours would join for meals. There would be plenty of delicious food. We talk, play games, just laugh and be merry.

Project Updates!

Ecosystem Revival Coalition

Joining Forces With Other Enviromental Groups

This is a hope to bring  pre-existing protect and persevere environment organizations together so that we can more effectively work to create long lasting positive effects on the habitats world wide that sustain live including human life.  The vision for this project is to conserve, protect, take care of, revive, recreate and create new ecosystems and to have nature and biodiversity be thriving everywhere on this beautiful planet.

Project Updates!

Image by Joyce G
Image by Alexandre Pellaes

Hosting & Networking For Events

Bulletin Board for Event Collaboration

Events and other collaborations networking for hosts and volunteers around the world to connect with each other. There is a bulletin board for collaborations where you can post what you are hoping to create and your contact information, the event calendar run through this site, a volunteer listing hub.  In the future we hope to add to this hub fundraising, event planning, advising and accommodations for events, although those are future aspirations for this stream of the company. 

Project Updates!

Community Retreats

Nature and Human Living in Harmony Retreats 

Creating biodiverse nature and human retreats that feed the soul. These retreats have large land areas reclaimed from civilization that are landscaped walkways for human use and biodiverse to contribute to back to the ecosystem of the area. This retreats are a mix of wilderness and community places. They grow, process and store various produce for the local community. The retreat centres are half for the local community and half for being rented out to the greater community. Blending of rural, urban and wild in this places of peace and relaxation.

Project Updates!

Image by Dmitry Kotov
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