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If you wish to to donate to a specific cause please put a capital letter and two dots before your name in the name box to indicate which account you wish the money to go to. For example if I would like to donate to the 'People's Project Bank' I would write my name P.. Cat Crowefire. 

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A.. Community Centres

B.. Learning Centres

C.. Crowefire Consulting

D.. Authors Aide

E.. Food Sharing Network

F.. Learning Library

G.. Wellness and Breakfast

H.. Ecosystem Revival Coalition

I..  Hosting & Networking for Events

J.. Community Retreats

K.. Multi-Vendor Store

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L.. Recycling Materials

M.. Network Of Healers/Health Practicioners & Centres 

N.. Sustainable Clothing 

O.. Connecting Services

P.. People's Project Bank

Q.. Church, Conference, & Concerts

R.. Bridging Rural & Urban Communities

S.. Cat's Coliseum

T..  Affordable Beautiful Living 

U.. Healing Hospitals

V.. Future Projects 

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