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Humanitarian & Environmental Projects Page 2

Other Creations of Crowefire in the Works 

Planet Made of Plastic

Recycling Materials Business Startups

Facilitating, Partnering and Researching

In this project we help facilitate start of businesses and factories using recycled materials in their products. This project would have designs available, would research, partner, join forces with clean up efforts, as well as companies creating, manufacturing, distributing recycled material products. This project would aim to help both start ups and established companies scale up their recycling efforts. Along with helping directly this project would help with funding, sharing resources and networking.

Project Updates!

Network of Healers/Health Practitioners and Places of Healing

Cross- Practice Modern Medicine, Alternative Modalities and Healers that Work with Energy

This project is about looking at the body as a whole sharing knowledge, resources and communicating around health and healing pass boundaries  of areas of study. It is extremely difficult for a sick person to get the help they need and there is so many policy red tape that prevents specialists in the same hospital in same room around the same patient from communicating with each other and sharing knowledge to help that patient. This project is about moving beyond those barriers and making health and healing open, with more discussions and more ideas coming to the table to help the people who need the help. This project is also about networking resources for hospitals, wellness centres, clinics, transformational centres, rehabilitation centres, retreats, long term care facilities and other places of healing. This project is about helping to bridge gaps in the health and wellness sector.

Project Updates!

Image by Patty Brito
Image by Christina @
Image by S O C I A L . C U T

Sustainable Clothing 

High End Clothing Stores Funding Free Clothing Stores and Competing

High end sustainable and fair trade clothing line has stores in wealthy areas that fund free clothing/textiles sister stores in poor areas. The sister stores compete with money and/or positive environmental impact in their community for various incentives within the company. The sister store grouping would also compete with other sister stores sets. There would be Easter eggs of the high end clothing line scattered in the free stores to encourage people in rich communities to cross into poorer committees and talk with people they would not normally interact with. The  high end clothing line would also break down barriers in fashion by making a point of  hiring diversity in their designers and models, having a large range of sizes, making practical fun clothing that is about mixing styles and self expression.  

Project Updates!

Connecting Services

Helping People Find and Access Services

This project goes into a city or community makes a list of all the community services in the area creates physical and digital access hubs for the community of how to find and access the different services available  in the area. This Project will connect vulnerable  people to services they need and could benefits from also makes the area more efficient at helping people get connected and stay connected to services in the area they live in. 

Project Updates!

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

People's Project Bank

Crowd Funded Grant Giving Bank for the People   

This would be a place for people wanting to start or are running heart-centered initiatives to get grants, that do not have to be repaid, to put towards their for people or for planet endeavors. Some of the ways money would come into the bank are a percentage of the profits from other projects would feed into the pot, donations by people and companies that wish to give back to the community, as well as collaborative crowd funding to help certain projects to come to life. There would be a committee that would work together to decide how funds are spent and when fundraising was needed for more funds.  

Project Updates!

Church, Conference And Concerts

A Hybrid of Faith, Teaching Transformation and a Music School

In terms of what the faith is it is a bit of mix soulful Christianity and New Age Spirituality with a focus of having faith in one's self, finding the creator within and connecting to a greater creator throughout. The teachings are about transformation, overcoming adversity, healing from trauma, embracing who you are, seeing the god and goddess in one another, learning to trust the process and finding god whatever that looks like for each individual. While this project is having conferences, workshops, seminars, masses, prayer groups,  it is also having, music ensembles, concerts, group music lessons, bands, orchestras, choirs. Music is part of the faith, the teaching and the worship.

The faith is entirely about coming together in community to support the soul's growth and journey in harmony. All religions are respected and maintained just added to.

Project Updates!

Image by Maiko Valentino Baez Brito
Image by Juan Encalada

Bridging Rural & Urban Communities

Through Transportation and Engagement Programing

The goals of this project is making more accessible transportation in and outside of city centers that are lacking such infrastructure, create engagement programs for different age and interest categories to connect people in urban/rural areas and to set up trading/resource networking in and out of the city centers. Share the skills and connect the people so everyone benefits. Also this project would have culture and tradition revival programing with rural areas sharing to the urban areas.

Project Updates!

Cat's Coliseum

Corporate & Global Leaders Compete In Grueling Leadership Training & Business Bootcamp

CEOs and government officials, people used to living comfortably are invited to a televised live spectacle summit where they are thrown  through a series of psychologically hard and embarrassing events where their sense of self is mercilessly pushed almost to the breaking point all the while they are being taught about leading with compassion through these events. It is funny, it is entertaining but it is also very raw. This project exposes the human being in us all. Ticket sales and advertising help raise a good amount of money for other projects. A coliseum where rulers are in the arena, the lion runs the show and crowd gets the coin.

Project Updates!

Image by Matthew Waring

Healing Hospitals

Healing and Helping the Front Line Workers

Healing Hospitals is a plan to send in small teams of fresh eyes into hospitals to make positive changes to the work environment as well as improve patient care. At a very low and reasonable cost that does not put excess strain on the system the team would transform the hospital for the better in every ward and department. We would greatly improve communication, in real time observe and address problem areas in each area of the hospital, build systems to improve maintenance and work on aesthetically brightening the halls of the hospital itself which would be at no cost to the hospital beyond the affordable initial flat rate to pay the team. The teams themselves would be a mix of people who have worked in hospital settings and those that have not to get the best range of problem solving for the hospitals.

Project Updates!

Doctor with Files
Image by Zoltan Tasi

Affordable Beautiful Community Living

Incorporates growing food for the community,

green spaces, common, and recreation areas

This project is about real community living with social programming, well maintained units that are actually affordable and accessible to people of all walks of life, no long waiting lists, beautiful to live in, growing food shared in community meals, common areas, recreation areas, fitness areas, guest speakers, art classes and choirs. These apartments buildings, villages, repurposed old malls or old Olympic stadiums would be welcoming lovely places to live and be where all the residents take care of each other and feel supported by their community.

Project Updates!

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