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Image by Hanna Skoromna

About Crowefire, and this Creation!

The creator of Crowefire, Cat Rowe, was in an aboriginal drumming band whose name meant Fireweed as in the bright purple flower native to the area in British Columbia Canada the drumming group played in. This flower was beautiful, medicinal, and spread like wildfire hence its name. Even though I was not first nations, the drumming group welcomed me into their community, and we performed all over the province together for the next several months. In my undergrad and postgraduate studies, I was identified as “Crowe” at the universities where I studied. When I see crow spelled with an "e" I think old English for raven. The idea behind the name Crowefire is it be an idea of a welcoming community of doing things in a love-based environment where everyone supports one another society that spreads like wildfire. My goal is whether you are joining one of my communities or you are inspired to do things differently in your own field, we are making waves and spreading beautiful flowers out into the world with our togetherness.

More about each "Creation" that makes Crowefire:

Network Hubs


Sellers Networking Hub.

  • No experience, website, branding, or social media is needed for sellers to sell their products.

  • We offer Networking, resources, and support for sellers.

  • We have 3 tiers of monthly subscriptions to work with any budget.

  • Products can be handmade or commercial products.

  • Organized site mapping and accessible to everyone

  • We provide advertising and driving traffic to the website.

Collaboration Hubs

Let's you collaborate with other organizations and individuals.

  • Enjoy three streams of corporate collaborations, events/conferences/fundraisers and sustainable solutions.

  • A central hub for collaborations between individuals, small businesses, large corporations, non-profit organisations, charities, churches, planners and so much more.

  • User friendly, free to look for collaborations, you only pay to post that you want to collaborat.

  • Event sales, collaboration groups, and more.

  • Hosting, networking, resource hub for people who want to collaborate ideas.

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